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People tend to share, link or follow content that appeases their interest. Whether it is helpful or gives them entertainment, more often than not, they also forward it so other people can get the same feeling they had. In return, the page became important and as a reward, gets to rank better position in search results. Page ranking is a big deal in the world wide web. Marketers, business owners and companies will do everything to promote their business and to get to the top spot.

Link building is a strategy of putting links that point towards a website that you want to promote. It is a discipline that needs to be mastered to have advantageous results. It may sound pretty easy but this is not just putting out your links in different sites as much as you want. The search engine has criteria and standards that you also need to follow to avoid being banned.

Here are some strategies which companies use proven to be effective:

1. Link building for high visibility

You can buy links from other sites. There are paid links for greater visibility. One good thing about this method is its providing you natural link to avoid being penalized. Targeted link is the most commonly used links, and caters specific viewers whose interest is the same as your business. This in a way, filters the prospects. To find websites where a link should be the best place, you may ask help from advertising brokers, link brokers, and web associates. More often than not they use trending pages that generate millions of visitors.

2. Link building for low visibility

For moderate site traffic websites, guest posting became a norm. Posting articles or comments on a website that is the same or related as your niche allows you to have the link provided by the host blogger to raise the value of your site. Guest posting generates content, drive traffic and a great way connect to the readers. This is an excellent strategy to extend your reach and boost your reputation in the worldwide web. There are factors that you must consider though when executing a search-free, link traffic endeavor:
• Frequency of contribution(s)
• Depth and structure of shared information
• The contribution benefits of your content
• External promotion features

3. Social Media

People or businesses use social media to build a million of fans. The challenge here is to build a large volume of regular visitors. To do this, you must be the “go to” person in your niche. Your social media audience will increase if you will also befriend, follow or accept individuals with similar interest as you. Then you must build a connection with them. Your regular participation in events and interaction with them makes the difference.

4. Mobile Application Link

By creating an application of your website you are given the opportunity to reach a higher number of prospects. You can create a mobile friendly website so people will navigate through their mobile whenever they feel doing so and anywhere they are! This makes your site more competitive, too! In return, it gives the impression that you are not restricting your audience to reach you in any manner they could.

5. SEO Link building

Links influence search results. It will depend on you on which kind of link you wanted to use. Whether you employ link building tactics that are black, white or any shade, you must also be cautious. Avoid link spam or manipulative links. Always bear in your mind that the links has to be good, old-fashioned HTML links. The potential benefits don’t outweigh the risk. Better be careful.

6. Getting contextual links thru content-driven marketing

With this method, you are going to create and publish content on a regular basis. To get ton of quality links, it also has to have massive content. Though you consider the number, you must think of the quality too! Fresh and up to date content is always the name of the game. Focus on a well- written and meaningful content that will be of great help to people who will read it. It is also much sensible to use evergreen content to automate link building. Evergreen content is a content that stays applicable for a long period of time. This is essential for websites as it keeps bringing in viewers, often based on the keywords or SEO of said content.

7. Relationship building

Since you are building the networks through the internet you must build relationships with your clients and customers. Regularly contributing content on the site that has high traffic will help you. Particularly on high- traffic publications, you can get continuous traffic from them and also allowing you to build strong signals. What’s in it for you? It builds authority, trust and credibility. By getting your peers or fans to write content will build more natural links, too!

8. Use Images for Links

Images on your website may be used by someone in their blogs or posts, so one good strategy is to email them, ask politely to link the image back to your site. By using your own collection of images you may host it on your site, then encourage people to use your photos for free and consequently they will give you links as well.

Link building service is not easy as it sounds. Knowledge and expertise in this field must be considered to avoid failure. Link building practices must guarantee long-term results. Who’s not dead serious about getting good results? Everyone is. But not all is capable of doing the best strategy. Guidance from experts on link building offers services that will surely give you good result without ripping off your pocket.

One of the top companies who provides link building service is a LA SEO Company. It offers link building service designed to give you everything you need to know to optimize link building strategies. The company is proud to bring you analysis with detailed reports for specific methods to increase visitor traffic.

The world wide web is getting more competitive over the past years. In view of this, search engines become stricter with the rules and standards. Be up to date with strategies to be ahead!

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