SEO analysis is a big part of your online business because it helps you keep track of your performance on the web. If you approach us to help you perform a complete SEO analysis, we will start by giving you SEO audit services free of charge. Search engines have to consider so many factors when determining rankings for specific searches. Google, the most popular search engine, will consider more than 200 factors when ranking sites for certain keywords.

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As a business, you must ensure that everything you invest in bringing value for your money. If you invest in SEO services, you need to be confident that your site’s performance online is improving by tracking your progress on a regular basis. Every search engine optimization effort should yield desirable results. If it does not, then allow us to take time and investigate where you went wrong. This is where our free SEO analysis services come in.

If your website contains rich content but still possess a low rank, SEO audit can help you to Make Sure That Your Web Pages on Top

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Critical ranking factors which are part of our SEO audit service

Below are 5 most important factors we have to consider when conducting an SEO site audit.

1. A comprehensive website SEO audit - First and foremost, we must determine whether your website is optimized for the search engines. A search engine friendly site is important when it comes to ranking. There are certain elements which may make it hard for search engine crawlers to index your site. For instance, if the banners and media are not properly created they may become a major stumbling block. Your site’s loading speed will affect your ranking. We also have to consider the quality of coding performed on your site. During the SEO audit services, we will consider elements like the page titles, Meta tags, heading tags, robots.txt and the use of CSS and JavaScript.

2. Overall website structure - We will also have to consider the overall structure of your website because it is also likely to affect your ranking. For instance, internal linking must be properly done. Creating links between web pages will make it easier for search engines to index the site. We can recommend the use of site maps and link navigation systems to enhance your internal linking.

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3. A comprehensive website content audit - The content on your site is a huge part of SEO. We make sure that your content is readable and also takes into account the right keyword usage. After conducting the analysis, we will provide you with guidelines and suggestions on how to improve on the content and boost your rankings. We can even help you to create more relevant and informative content that is keyword rich if we find it to be a barrier.

4. Link building - If you have taken part in low quality link building approaches, our free SEO analysis services will help us to determine this. We will help you to initiate a link building strategy that is effective and suitable for your site. We will focus on quality links rather than links which can end up lowering your ranking. These are high quality links from websites which are related to your own and rank high for certain keywords.

5. Social media integration - Social media is a huge part of SEO because a large group of the customers you are targeting are spending many hours in a day on social networking sites. Making use of social media will boost your conversion rates and promote your brand online. In case your social media presence is still wanting, we will do all it takes to turn this around. All you need to do is give us a call and we will prepare your free quote.

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