Social media site like Facebook was once considered as a platform to meet new people by the teenagers. This however has changed dramatically in recent years. It is now evolved to become the most powerful medium for advertisers who are trying to reach a particular niche audience. It is the largest and most visited social network on the web.

Los Angeles SEO Inc.’s Facebook Advertising campaigns connect your company to over 800 million active users in your niche industry. We can drive your company to reach a highly targeted Facebook advertising.

Why Choose best SEO Company to Manage Your Facebook Advertising campaign?

LA SEO Inc. has the necessary industry experience and creativity to develop compelling Facebook advertising campaigns for your business. We have created numerous successful ad campaigns for both established businesses as well as start-up companies. We have the best minds who create viral and creative campaigns specifically designed for your business.

Our Facebook Advertising Services include:

  • Dedicated Facebook Advertising Account Manager
  • Campaign Development Certified Expert
  • Keyword Analysis for Each Ad
  • Ad Creative, Effective Marketing Copy and Design
  • Ad Testing
  • Analytics and Reporting

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Why Advertising on Facebook Works?

  • 1. Business marketers, advertisers and entrepreneurs are taking advantage of Facebook to generate sales and leads
  • 2. According to a survey, an average Facebook user spends over 8 hours a week on Facebook
  • 3. With the arrival of Smartphone, users’ activity on Facebook has almost gone up to 24/7
  • 4. Over 4 billion items are likes and commented everyday on Facebook pages
  • 5. Advertising campaigns with Facebook are providing up to 5 fold return on any investment
  • 6. Consumers are becoming aware of brands and are looking forward to that brand more than other online advertising methods.
  • 7. Facebook advertising confirms more positive conversation with your target audience
  • 8. Facebook holds more that 50% trust rate for advertising

With Facebook you can tap into the endless power to target new business and generate high quality leads. There is an entirely new world of possibilities which you can explore with Facebook advertising. Facebook has reached to almost every country in the world, which expands the boundaries which once limited the product sale to smaller locations. One of the best features of Facebook advertising is the advantage of keyword interest targeting. While creating your Facebook ads, you will have the option to search and select keywords of interest to specific users.

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Drive Traffic to Website

Effective Facebook advertising will assist in increasing traffic to your website and generate more profits. This way to advertise on Facebook is by creating a business profile so you can interact directly with your list of "fans" whom you will persuade to become your customers. You could also send out updates, news articles, press releases, special offers and promotions, and discount information to the list. Facebook provides you the ability to connect instantly with people who have already showed interest in your products. Los Angeles SEO Inc. is experienced in creating compelling Facebook fan Pages that are tailored for the business. We will help promote your services on this social medium and drive tremendous traffic to your business website.

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Recent Projects

Here is just a sample of the many excellent web design projects maintained by SEO services company in Los Angeles, CA such as SEO friendly web design and many more.